Online Registration Coming to Dexter Public Schools

Dexter Schools have been working hard to develop an online system for student registration. It is expected to be ready for the 2017-18 school year. It will ease and quicken the processing of information at both ends – parents and school administrative staff.

Online registration will allow parents to initially enter their children’s necessary information and then make subsequent changes as the student’s information may change. Gone will be trips to the school to update records by hand. Or as in many cases, forgetting to include such a stop at the school in the list of errands and not amending the information.

Currently, registering and making changes to a student’s record is done by hand. Parents initially fill out numerous pages of required information and then turn those documents over to the school administrative staff who in turn enter the data into the school’s information by hand. It is a process that can be greatly expedited by making it available online to parents.

Director of Office Management & Communications, Hope Vestergaard has been leading the effort to get the current system switched over to online. Expectedly, there have been some bumps and delays along the way including a necessary change in the computer program being used but things are still on track to be ready when students return this fall.

Stay tuned as more information will be coming as it is made available to We Love Dexter.

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