Foreign Exchange Student Host Families Needed As School Year Start Approaches

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Each year Educatius Group looks to place eager young international exchange students lucky enough to study in Dexter as their foray into American public education, and each year the group scrambles for good homes to place them in.

Host families receive a stipend that offsets the costs of having a student board with them for the year, since despite having accents and coming from different cultures they’re still growing teenagers who may have appetites of varying voracity.

“The beginning of the school year is coming VERY soon and Educatius would love it if you could open your hearts and home to these students,” said Educatius Regional Director Jennifer Annes. “Whether it be for the whole school year or for the first two months while we look for a home for first two months.”

To talk to people who have hosted an exchange student is to hear generally positive feedback and even some funny and/or interesting stories of the experience.

While the student is here learning about the United States, host families can’t help but learn about their student’s home culture and language.

Some host families keep in touch with their exchange student longterm and always consider them a part of the family.

“If you have children, they’ll gain a broader perspective on the world, learning more about geography, communication, and international cultures,” Annes said. “If your children are young, they’ll probably love having a big brother or sister from another country.”

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