Voters Approve DCS $71 Million Bond Funding Bid 2-to-1

Dexter Community Schools administrators can breathe a sigh of relief for another decade or so, as voters were on board for another bond issue to raise dollars to maintain and upgrade buildings and equipment throughout the district.

Nearly 10 years ago in 2008 voters approved a $47.9 million bond and this Tuesday voters approved an extension of the current 8.5 mill property tax levy that will raise $71 million for a range of district upgrades including a Cornerstone Elementary School counterpart building.

The City of Dexter historically votes more strongly in favor of such ballot measures and this instance is no different. City voters came out 639 in favor versus 169 against.

The townships historically lean more against such proposals, but this time even township residents went heavily for the bond issue.

Dexter Township residents were in favor 427 to 247 ballots, while Lima Township was in favor 179 to 77, Scio/Lodi/Freedom Townships were in favor 324 to 161, and Webster Township was in favor 523 to 307.

In Livingston County a small area of Hamburg Township that is in DCS bounds was nearly even with 65 for and 62 against.

Amusingly, a single Northfield Township voter said “yea” and another said “nay.”

Early reports indicated that voter turnout was low. Speaking to DCS Superintendent Chris Timmis indicated that he expected it to be more in line with 25 percent, which he felt was typical for such an election this time of year.

The reported voter turnout was just 19.22 percent.

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