Students Learn Banking Basics from Chelsea State Bank

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Lisa Baleja

As part of Chelsea State Bank’s participation in the EverFi™ – Financial Literacy program in Chelsea and Dexter High Schools, Lisa Baleja, Branch Manager of Chelsea State Bank in Dexter and Dawn Kalusha, Assistant Vice President, Consumer Loan Officer, recently presented banking basics to four Financial Management classes at Dexter High School.

“Our financial literacy program gives students access to the EverFi™ Program, which is an innovative online platform to teach high school students the core concepts of financial responsibility,” said Chelsea State Bank President and CEO John Mann. “However, there is nothing like face-to- face interaction with students to discuss real-life banking situations, especially since banking has become so mobile friendly.”

Lisa Baleja covered the importance of starting bank accounts early so that parents can help monitor them including the use of debit cards and the responsibility attached to using one. “I like to discuss checking accounts because we still have many people come into our branches that need help balancing a transaction register, finding the bank routing number and account number on a check, and basically how to write a check,” said Baleja. “Even with all the automation today, there are still times when we need this information.”

Baleja brought an oversized check as a visual aid for the students and also reviewed the electronic banking applications the students will most likely use in banking like mobile deposit, online banking, and how they can help and hurt an individual if not handled properly.

Dawn Kalusha discussed the importance of building credit early, maintaining a good credit score and its impact on the future of the student as they begin their career and want to rent an apartment, borrow money for a new car, and eventually buy a new home.

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