County Promotes Weather Havens As Cold Returns

With the latest reprieve from the winter chill coming to an end today, Washtenaw County officials would like the public to be aware of “temporary weather havens” throughout the county.

Dexter’s and other Washtenaw communities’ havens are available in an online listing of such locations so folks know where they can take shelter from the wind chill long enough to build back up some ambient body heat.

The Dexter District Library is currently the only Dexter location designated on the county’s list.

“Temporary Weather Havens” are identified through outreach to public and private human services providers, county government, and local hospitals who are asked to volunteer their space for residents in need of a warm place during severe cold weather.

These sites are for all Washtenaw County residents and primarily open during business hours.

While local shelter providers and area churches have also coordinated ‘warming centers’ serving the homeless population throughout the winter; these temporary weather havens will be activated
when the weather reaches extreme temperatures.

“With the cold weather here in full force, we appreciate the community partners that are volunteering their space as temporary weather havens,” said Moonson Eninsche, Human Services Policy Specialist, Washtenaw County Office of Community and Economic Development. “This allows Washtenaw County to meet the health and safety needs of residents during extreme winter weather.”

County officials say they’re always looking for more participants in this program to protect the public, particularly the most vulnerable members of our society including children, the elderly, and those who might find themselves in a difficult circumstances forcing them to brave the elements against their wishes.

Agencies or community organizations interested in serving as temporary weather havens can contact Moonson Eninsche at or 734-544-3006.

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