Deatrick Edges Out Smith For County Commission District 2

Dexter area residents who live in Webster Township will be represented by a new face at the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners once the dust from this election is settled.

Democrat Michelle Deatrick prevailed over longtime GOP incumbent District 2 County Commissioner Dan Smith.

Deatrick was neck-and-neck with Smith in Webster with 1,896 to his 1,906, probably due to the fact that Webster is a more traditionally conservative rural township.

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The Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners District 2 spans northern Washtenaw from Webster Township across Northfield and Salem and down into Ann Arbor and Superior Township.

In our pre-election Q&A Deatrick was vocal about her background as a farmer and spoke at length about environmental and quality-of-life issues, while Smith rested on laurels that he in part won while on the county commission, such as the financial stability of the county and the county’s impeccable bond rating.

Apparently Deatrick’s focus yielded more tilted results elsewhere, because she won handily in Superior Township with 2,679 to Smith’s 1,375 votes. She also made large gains in Ann Arbor Township gaining 1,449 votes to Smith’s 773. Deatrick also added hundreds of votes in Ann Arbor Ward 1 and City of Dexter Precinct 1.

Smith had his own big gains in Northfield and Salem Township, but those weren’t great enough strongholds for him to retain his seat.

Ultimately Deatrick received 9,204 votes or 52.71 percent to Smith’s 8.187 or 46.88 percent.

Once sworn in she plans to go to work on land preservation issues, while being a champion of air and water quality.

“Preserving our greenspaces and farmland is crucial to protecting our quality of life and the environment for our children and grandchildren,” Deatrick said. “I will work to ensure that the County’s Natural Areas Preservation Program (NAPP) continues without unnecessary burdens on landowners that might result in fewer easements being obtained.”

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