Progress Made In Scio Township Bank Robbery

One of the two suspects in the robbery of the PNC bank on Jackson Road was arrested later that day, in Ypsilanti. Both suspects in the Scio Township bank robbery were wearing ski masks, hoodies and gloves, as shown by security camera footage provided in a press release from the county.

Credit: WCSO & PNC
Credit: WCSO & PNC

According to M-Live, the suspect who the Ypsilanti Police Department later arrested was stopped in the early evening that Monday. He allegedly attempted car jacking when his own vehicle failed. He led police in a foot chase that ended in the 100 block of Washtenaw Avenue.


The PNC Bank in Scio Township was robbed at 1:24 p.m. and victims were able to identify the car for police from its license plate. The man was arrested less than four hours later in Ypsilanti. He was treated for minor cuts and bruises sustained during the arrest and then taken to the Washtenaw County Jail, according to M-Live.

Credit: WCSO & PNC
Credit: WCSO & PNC

“The arrested suspect was acting quite violently and kept struggling with police. Two of YPD officers had minor injuries from trying to get the suspect into custody,” Ypsilanti Police Lieutenant Deric Gress said to We Love Dexter via email.

The investigation remains ongoing.

In other news, a 65 year old Pinckney man has been accused of assaulting a taxidermist in the 6800 block of Gregory Road October 20. According to the sheriff, he employed the man to perform taxidermy work, but the work couldn’t be completed. The victim claims to have offered to return some of the money, but says that his client instead came to his location and assaulted them. The sheriff emphasizes that nothing has been concluded yet and no arrests have been made. The case has been sent to the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

No arrest was made in a domestic violence case in the 300 block of Peartree Lane, October 22. The 25 year old Gregory man whom deputies suspect was not arrested, but charges have been submitted for review with the Washtenaw County Prosecutor.

A 14 year old was accused of domestic assault in 4100 block of Dexter-Ann Arbor Road at 6:21 p.m. on Tuesday, October 25. There was no arrest, but charges have been submitted for review.

A car was keyed in the 3500 block of Ryan Drive, October 24. The car was left in the driveway of a house overnight, and when the owner woke up they found the damage and called 911.

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