‘Farmers Recognition’ Sunday This Week at St. Andrew’s


This Sunday, October 16, will be observed at St. Andrew’s United Church of Christ as “Farmers Recognition Sunday.”

All around the Dexter area are farms that have been maintained by the same families for generations – descendants of German immigrants who came to this area to make a home and in the process, made a community.

Dexter sits like the center of a wreath of green and gold made up of fields of crops for consumption by citizens and livestock. They have been tended for over 100 years or more and give Dexter its charm and vitality in a unique way.

St. Andrew’s was founded by those German newcomers and has been sustained by their descendants through the decades. The original church built by these newcomers still sits on the church property. Many names on the church register are echoed in the names of roads around the area – usually named for the families who had lived there longest.

Current and former members of the church and all farm families in the surrounding townships are invited to this special service at 10 a.m., Sunday, October 16 at St. Andrew’s UCC, Ann Arbor Street, corner of Inverness.

Paul Harvey, the familiar radio personality, wrote a piece some years ago reminding us that “God created farmers” to do special work in His world and they have spent a lifetime many of them, doing just that. Sunday is a day to honor these folks for their part in making the larger Dexter community what it is today.

Special music regarding seed time and harvest will be part of the service. A coffee hour will follow.

This information was provided to us by special contributor Elaine Owsley.

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