Motivation & Discipline with Paul – A DWC Spotlight Testimonial

When his grandmother was admitted to the hospital for a heart attack on Christmas Eve 2015, Paul Rebandt realized he needed to quickly improve his health.  Very motivated, Paul joined Dexter Wellness Center just five days later.

Paul most enjoys the people at Dexter Wellness Center. He finds staff and patrons to be incredibly friendly and supportive. Carrie, a fitness specialist, initially helped him with his lifting form and continues to offer advice and words of encouragement. His workout routine currently includes a five-day split focusing on five compound movements: squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press and bent over row. Each workout consists of a 15 minute cardio warm-up followed by 45-60 minutes of strength training.

If you know Paul, you know that he immerses himself in the things he finds important. He grabs onto something and jumps right in – full throttle! Along with determination, Paul sights honesty as a key factor in achieving one’s goals. Paul advises others who are trying to lose weight to know how much you need to eat and be honest with yourself about it. Since joining Dexter Wellness Center last December, Paul has lost 80 pounds and is getting closer to reaching his training goals of deadlifting 500 pounds and running a 10k race. He has found success by knowing his goal, eating at a calorie deficit, and working hard even when he doesn’t feel like it. Even people as dedicated as Paul need to remind themselves of why they do what they do. Paul is motivated by his family – many of whom are overweight and have a history of heart disease. “Motivation is a good start, but discipline is how you achieve results. Discipline is intentional and repeated day in and day out.”

Since joining the Wellness Center, Paul has slept better, is more patient, and has better focus. He believes discipline demonstrated in the gym can carry over into many parts of life. For Paul, this includes working as support staff for the governmental outsourcing and audit teams of Rehmann Robson, and his favorite free time activities – lifting weights, hiking, kayaking, shooting, and playing board games.

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