DCS Appoints Anne Nakon Special Education Director

July 27, 2016 — Next month, Anne Nakon will be joining Dexter Community Schools as the new Special Education Director. Mrs. Nakon currently serves as the Principal and Special Education Supervisor at High Point School and the WISD. She was previously a Special Education Supervisor and Program Principal for Lenawee ISD. Her extensive experience in P-12 special education along with her work as an ASD Consultant, Behavior Consultant, and School Social Worker will be extremely beneficial to DCS students, parents, and staff.

Anne holds an Education Specialist Degree from Eastern Michigan University, M.S.W from the University of Michigan, and B.A. from the University of California. She lives in the Dexter Community School District, is a DCS Parent, and serves on the Education Foundation of Dexter Board.

According to DCS Superintendent, Dr. Christopher Timmis, “I’m so excited to have Anne Nakon join the DCS leadership team…her extensive experience and commitment to Dexter kids is immeasurable…we are fortunate to have such a wonderful educator join DCS and serve on behalf of our students.”

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  • Having attended board meetings for several years and continuing to follow the board packets religiously, there have been a lot of resignations, early retirements, etc. in the last two years. Almost seems as if there is either a purge or people are leaving with Timmis now in charge. The turnover is very unusual. I know of several people leaving and there letters of retirement or resignation have NEVER made it to the board packet.
    Odd, very odd.

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