Sheriff Blotter May 25-May 31 2016

A semi truck delivering supplies to a business in the Dexter Business Park became the victim of road rage fueled vandalism, Thursday. While the driver was trying to get off of I-94 to make a delivery to the 2100 block of Bishop Circle, an unidentified white male in his mid-30s tried to get off in a mid-90s coupe at the same time. It tried to cut the truck off while both were getting off the highway on the off ramp. According to a Sheriff spokesman, the driver of the car failed to pass the truck and had to slam on the breaks. Then the driver followed it into the business park.

Credit: Washtenaw County Sheriff

When the semi parked, a bald white man wearing black sunglasses parked behind him and got out of the car at 3:08 p.m. with a tire iron. He struck and damaged the tractor trailer portion and then got in his car and left. This was all captured on a surveillance camera, although the Sheriff doesn’t have a suspect identified at the moment. The case is still under investigation.

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Credit: Washtneaw County Sheriff

In the early working day of Thursday May 26, a house in the 8200 block of Shield Road was burglarized by an unknown person. Electronics and jewelry were taken. The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating.

Sometime overnight on May 26 a mail box was knocked off its post in the 4500 block of Lake Vista Drive. This follows a spate of recent vandalism around Dexter where mail boxes have been knocked to the ground. The sheriff’s report on the case is incomplete. They have no suspects.

A shed in the 7100 block of Ridge Line Circle was broken into sometime Friday, May 27. When it was found forced open at around 5:30 p.m. the owners said that nothing appeared to be stolen. Deputies have no suspects.

A burglar in the 7200 block of Jennings Road got in through an unlocked window, Monday, May 30 at around 11:30 a.m. The unidentified person or persons got away with electronics and jewelry. Sheriff deputies have no suspects at the moment. However, evidence has been collected and the investigation is ongoing.

Deputies raced to the 7200 block of Jennings Road in the early afternoon of May 30 for an assault report. This was between a son and an unidentified man. Neither side wants to press charges against the other.

Drew Saunders is a freelance journalist who covers the sheriff blotter for We Love Dexter. You can contact him at

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