Wear Purple, Show Hope, Fight Cancer

hope day

It’s been eight years since the folks driving Dexter’s yearly Relay for Life fundraising drive to contribute to the coffers of the American Cancer Society in the ongoing battle to eradicate cancer decided to adorn Dexter in purple to express hope.

Hope’s an important resource when you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you’re engaged in the personal one-on-one battle with it, or you’re the loved one cheering from the sidelines for victory over the disease.

One way that you can heap that valuable spiritual and emotional substance upon those who need in most in the community is simply to wear purple. You’ll blend right in as local institutions like the city and the schools, as well as many area businesses engage in the yearly community-wide show of purple.

Angie Scott is the point-person for Hope Day or “Show of Hope Day,” as it’s officially called. her team, Arnie’s Army, was founded in remembrance of her father, who while battling cancer lost his life. He was involved in the formation of the Dexter Relay for Life team that bears his name, although he didn’t survive to walk around Monument Park with his daughter or other family members, friends, and supporters.

“My father died from brain cancer on May 20th, 2007 and I vowed to keep fighting this dreadful disease until it is eradicated,” Scott said, adding that she hopes that one day her son’s children will live in a world where cancer is thought of as polio is today — a bygone affliction of another era referred to mostly in history discussions.

When it comes to progress on achieving this goal, the trend is going in the right direction, according to most major cancer studies. Recent studies show that the death rate for those with cancer is down 23 percent in 21 yearsscotta@dexterschools.org. She’d also be the one to call to get a 2016 Hope Day shirt for $10, from the stock still remaining. All proceeds go to ACS.

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