Ryan Bruder Will Be New Bates Principal

Next fall, Bates Elementary will celebrate a different kind of homecoming. Ryan Bruder, Dexter High School Graduate and former Bates Elementary student, has been chosen as the next leader of Bates Elementary.

Mr. Bruder brings with him an outstanding elementary education background and a passion for inspiring and supporting kids. Mr. Bruder currently serves as the Project-Based Learning Coordinator and Lead Teacher at A2 STEAM in Ann Arbor after several years as an elementary teacher. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University.

Mr. Bruder was selected from an applicant pool of 147 candidates with extensive backgrounds and experience. His references referred to him as “an exceptional educator,” “an advocate for children,” and “one of the most outstanding educators I’ve had the pleasure to work with.”

According to DCS Superintendent, Dr. Christopher Timmis, “Ryan Bruder will be an incredible addition to DCS…his extensive experience, energy, passion for education, and dedication to Dexter is evident in every interaction…we are fortunate to have Mr. Bruder joining DCS and returning to lead the elementary school that once provided him a high-quality education, Bates Elementary.”

Mr. Bruder, when asked about this opportunity, stated: “It’s great to be back home…I look forward to collaborating with staff, students, and families to develop, educate, and inspire the Bates and DCS community…the opportunity to serve as leader of Bates is truly a dream come true.”
Later this spring, Mr. Bruder will have the opportunity to visit the school, meet the students, the staff, and the Bates families. His official start date will be July 1.

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  • Explain to me how a 28 year old with 5 years experience teaching with no real administration experience becomes the principal of my kids school? This is unacceptable. This is learning on the job and after some difficult experiences with the school, there is no doubt that a principal, even elementary, needs appropriate administration and life experience before he can lead a school. How does he plan to console a 20 year veteran teacher or a teacher old enough to be his parent when there is a problem? Wake up Dexter. I am moving my kids to another school.

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