Zeeb Big Boy Closes Its Doors

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Many Dexter area residents have turned to Facebook to commiserate with their peers over the sudden closure of the Zeeb Road Big Boy location in Scio Township, just north of I-94.

Reports from MLive.com’s Matt Durr seem reminiscnet of reports that were generated by the local media, including myself at the Dexter Leader, when original owner Sam Berry found himself in a legal battle with Big Boy corporate.

Berry accused the company of price fixing and discrimination, while corporate fired back that they were owed back royalty payments that were piling up as the checks had apparently stopped coming from the Washtenaw County restauranteur who had also operated a Big Boy in Pittsfield Township and a Ram’s Horn and Kerby’s Koney Island in Ypsilanti.

Details were scant until the process moved to court, where Berry lost the case. The restaurant was taken over by corporate until the current owners and operators came in during 2011 and made it an honest franchise again.

It’s unclear at this time if Berry is still operating restaurants in this county, but according to Durr’s report, property owner Jerry Helmer did say that something else would be opening soon in the building that is still relatively new, having been constructed in 2007.

While it’s unclear what this new restaurant will be, let’s all hope along with many on Facebook that the salad bar will remain a part of whatever’s the future for this 5,300 square foot space, and in my case, I’m going to politely request that said salad bar keep featuring falafel on a regular basis.

Falafel in Dexter. There’s a rare bird, or perhaps dodo, as things stand now.

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