Don’t Miss These 3 FREE Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month in Dexter

Discover new and exciting tastes while getting healthier! March is National Nutrition Month, and the Dexter Wellness Center has some exciting events for the whole community to take advantage of! The following programs are FREE and open to all—you don’t need to be a wellness center member to participate!

  • spicesCome and Savor the Flavor by learning about the health benefits of cooking with herbs and spices. On Thursday, March 10, 6:30-7:30pm, Registered Dietitian Andrea Thelen will facilitate this fun and creative workshop which includes lots of great ideas and recipes.

    According to Andrea, “Not only are herbs and spices the foundation of variety and flavor in cooking, but they also have the ability to transform boring or bland foods into exciting, health boosting agents. When you can get excellent flavor along with health benefits out of your meals, it just makes sense that nutrition experts would want to educate the community on how to use them. This workshop will teach participants how to incorporate more herbs and spices into their diet to help transform everyday eating into a nutritious, flavorful experience.”

    Please reserve your spot for the Savor the Flavor workshop soon; seats are going fast! Call the Dexter Wellness Center at 734-580-2500 to RSVP.

  • gardenCurious about Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) and how to get fresh, high-quality local produce? Drop in to the wellness center on Wednesday, March 16, any time between 9am and 2pm, or between 4pm and 6pm, to get your questions answered by Wade of Pregitzer Farms. No need to make a reservation! This is a great opportunity to become a CSA member for those who would like to count on getting a weekly share of upcoming harvests.

  • cannedfoodAnother great way to celebrate National Nutrition Month is to help provide nutritious food items to under-resourced people in the Dexter area. From March 14 to March 23, the Dexter Wellness Center is holding a Food Drive for Faith In Action. Kindly bring your non-perishable, non-expired food items to the Dexter Wellness Center, and we’ll deliver everything to FIA’s food pantry. Each time you make a donation, complete a drawing slip for a free nutritional counseling session. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

    Submitted by Jeanette Brooks (Member Services, Dexter Wellness Center)

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  • “…under resourced people….” Wow! Very PC. Good thing we don’t have to help out the homeless, unemployed or the people who just can’t afford food in Dexter.

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