Former DCS Tech Chief Gets New Charges, Case Delayed

The case against former Dexter Community Schools Technology Director Brian Tungl by the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office will miss slide past two previously set court dates of Feb. 22 and March 7 because of additional charges being brought in the case.

Tungl, who allegedly stole more than $100,000 in equipment from Dexter’s school district since 2011, will now be charged with tampering with evidence, according to discussion at the recent Board of Education meeting earlier this week.

He has previously been charged with embezzling $100,000 or more, embezzling $50,000 to $100,000, and unauthorized access to computers indicating that he allegedly not only stole physical equipment but was using the school district’s machines, networks and Internet access for purposes outside of the scope of his job duties prior to the end of his employment in 2014.

DCS Superintendent Chris Timmis continued to express frustration and disappointment in the fact that the district has to be involved in such a situation, let alone the ongoing delays that have continued a string of court dates from 2015 seemingly throughout the rest of the current school year.

“It’s getting frustrating,” Timmis told his board while reporting to them on the status of the case.

The new evidence tampering charges were recently authorized by the prosecutor’s office as some evidence collected in the case has been sent off to forensics specialists for them to determine if Tungl attempted to conceal his actions through his use or alteration of some of the equipment and other materials involved in the charges, according to Timmis.

Board President Michael Wendorf and Vice President Juli Schumaker expressed concern about the affected equipment, asking if the district would be able to use it again soon.

Timmis shared one piece of good news; some of the equipment involved in the case had been released back to the district and was in use at various buildings.

Equipment belonging to the district was found in Tungl’s residence and at a church in Davison that he was involved with. The equipment was discovered missing after the district’s internal controls revealed discrepancies in inventory management systems that Tungl had access to and was responsible for.

A joint DCS and Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office investigation produced enough evidence for the arrest and charging of Tungl in the case.

Tungl resigned shortly thereafter and was subsequently released on $5,000 bond post-arrest.

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  • Maybe if it didn’t take the district 4 years to complete the investigation, this would have been closed out long ago.

    And why would the district be “disappointed” that it has to be involved…maybe fear of what may be exposed that shows the district itself in a negative light? If the district had stronger policies, controls and it didn’t take 4 years to conclude the investigation, then maybe the district wouldn’t be “disappointed and frustrated”. As a taxpayer, I am disgusted in the sloppy practices, procedures and controls that were in place and the ineptitude in the districts investigation-Dexter schools isn’t that big.

  • Brian is my brother and he is a theif and liar. He has stolen all his life. I can’t stand him to stand in front of me with his “Christian” family, putting me down all the while he is sitting in a SCHOOL DISTRICT stealing from them. No suprise. He did it before with past employers just got caught. He took my kids and wouldn’t let me see them knowing he had these charges and they woulnd’t let him keep them. Brian needs a lot of help and I hope he gets it. My son’s stuff tablets, ipods, and many other things all went to his family or sold for money in his pocket. He will be hummbled over this! Brian and his wife need help

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