Dexter Curling Club Seeks Fresh Blood

Dexter Curling Club

The January 19 Dexter Chamber of Commerce Dexter Community Schools After Hours Showcase was an excellent opportunity for teachers and students to share new programs and more with the public. Seth Greenfield and Chris Eakin along with support from their moms invited people to learn all about their curling club at Dexter High School.

They started the club in 2013 and have been participating in it ever since.

“We contacted the Lansing Curling Club and then had a garage sale at Dexter Daze to raise money to buy brooms and a curling rock,” explained Eakin. “We have to drive an hour to play-either to Lansing or to the Detroit Curling Club in Ferndale.”

The ice has to be pebbled for the curling rock to slide on it properly, and those are the closest two venues to Dexter.

“We play about once a month, and more during breaks,” said Greenfield. “I like sliding out on the ice. It feels good when you make a good shot. It’s a very demanding sport.”

Greenfield and Eakin say that although the idea for the Dexter Curling Club began as a joke because they considered it a “nerdy” sport, they are serious about it now.

The equipment they’ve had to purchase for curling includes special shoes for the ice, brooms, and the 45-pound curling rock.

Curling requires the players to slide stones on the ice toward a target area where they compete for the highest score based on where their stones rest. They can influence where the stones land by using brooms to alter the state of the ice in front of the rock.

There are currently five members on the team, and they’ll be participating in a tournament in March.

“There’s a lot of strategy to curling,” said Eakin.

“It’s a fun sport to watch,” said Brenda Eakin, Chris’s mom. “They’ve done all the leg work to make it happen.”

Greenfield’s mom has become a fan too.

“When you understand it, that’s the key to enjoying it,” said April Greenfield.

For now, the curling club members are thinking about the next tournament and looking ahead.

“We want more young members so the club doesn’t fizzle out,” said Chris Eakin.

The team even posts videos to Youtube and maintains an in-house social media presence in order to grow their fan-base and spread the love of curling to others in Dexter.

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