Washtenaw Charter School Attendance Lowest in Dexter

MLive’s Julie Mack published an interesting article on charter school attendance from 2010-2014 which included a self-created Caspio database showing the data in a searchable form.

The big takeaway from the organized trove of U.S. Census Bureau data for Dexter residents should be the figure for Dexter Community Schools, which had only 4 percent attendance in charter schools during that time period.

So my readers don’t have to go through the trouble of running multiple searches on the database to get all of the information together, I’ve pulled it out for easy viewing here on our site.

At 4 percent, Dexter has the lowest per-district percentage charter school attendance of all Washtenaw County school districts.

Washtenaw County’s overall attendance rate for charters was 11 percent with 5,884 of 52,539 students attending charters.

Washtenaw is actually a county with high percentage charter school attendance compared to surrounding counties.

Jackson County is at 9 percent with 2,483 of 27,564 students attending charters, while Livingston is at 9 percent with 3,298 of 34,814 students and Monroe is at 9 percent with 2,348 of 26,601 students.

The next best school district in Washtenaw is Chelsea Public Schools at 5 percent, while Saline Area Schools takes the next step up compared to the Dexter and Chelsea at 6 percent.

Aside from those more affluent outside-Ann Arbor communities, Milan had 7 percent, Manchester had 10 percent, and Ypsilanti Community Schools had 14 percent although in the latter’s case Ypsilanti and Willow Run merged during the data collection period. It’s unclear how that merger was accounted for in the data.

Surprisingly Ann Arbor led the pack by a wide margin at 13 percent, which the Dexter Community Schools Board of Education brought up during Board of Education comments this week with a bit of shock.

And since Whitmore Lake loomed large in the Dexter school news headlines and also in the minds of concerned parents at the time (and in some cases still), we’ll mention that Whitmore Lake Public Schools saw a 16 percent rate of charter school enrollment in its potential student body over the data collection period.

Why do you choose to have your children in charter schools in your particular district, or why do you choose to keep them in the public school district that serves that area where you live?

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  • Dexter has its own in-district charter school…the IB program.

    If you are interested in homeschooling, talk with Board trustee Read and ask her why she has homeschooled her own children.

  • An article of interest would be how Community Ed is losing 200K according to budget and that the district is considering “privatizing” employees into a contract house in order to lower costs for the districts. All of this was discussed at the last Finance Committee meeting.

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