Dexter Rent-ALL Owners Continue Serving Dexter from Ann Arbor

It has been one year since Dexter Rent-ALL was closed, but owner Doug Schoch is still serving the Dexter community.

He and his wife Stephanie decided to purchase A-1 Rental in Ann Arbor in 2014. a nine mile move away from Dexter.

Read about the Schoch family business moving from Dexter to Ann Arbor one year ago.

“We thought the opportunity to buy out our closest competition and combine businesses was a risk worth taking,” said Schoch. “From a business standpoint it made sense to consolidate all our inventory at one location. We continue to serve the Dexter community by offering delivery services to all the surrounding communities to Ann Arbor.”

A-1 Rental has been around since 1957 so Schoch knew he was buying a long established business. He says they’ve been extremely happy with the transition.

“The highlights to owning any business is that you work for yourself and are responsible for making all decisions relating to the success of it,” said Schoch. “Working long hours doesn’t seem as painful when you know you’re working them to grow your own business.”

Although Schoch says that they are happy to serve their patrons in Dexter, he says the volume of business they do in Ann Arbor is much greater.

“With the higher population in Ann Arbor and larger number of businesses, including the University of Michigan, there’s a greater demand for rental items so we stay busier throughout the year than we did in Dexter,” said Schoch.

A-1 Rental has 16,000 square feet of space, more than four times the amount of space they had at Dexter Rent-ALL.

Among the most popular rentals on the Party and Events side of the business are tables, chairs and tents as well as linens, china, glassware and flatware. Aerial lifts, mini-excavators, bobcats, and electric demo hammers are among the most popular rentals on the Tool and Equipment side.

Schoch says that 2016 looks to be a year of changes and moving forward for A-1 Rental.

“We will continue our efforts to refresh our existing equipment, add more volume to our current inventory, as well as offer new items such as a larger stump grinder, larger mini-excavator, and taller scissor lift,” he said.

A-1 Rental is located at 2285 W. Liberty Street in Ann Arbor,

A-1 Rental 1

A-1 Rental 2

A=1 Rental 3

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