Call about tattoo shop sends Dexter officials scrambling; Panel discussion to deal with oil and gas drilling regulations

Dexter officials are hitting the books to see how to address a possible tattoo parlor in town.
Community Development Manager Michelle Aniol told the City Council she got a call from a party asking about zoning regulations downtown for a tattoo shop.

While the current ordinance (Section 15A.02), lists various personal services such as barber shops and salons as personal services, it doesn’t list tattoo parlors as a permitted use. However, such a business would qualify as a personal service under the definitions as given in the North American Industrial Classification System, she said.

“My interpretation would be that would be a permitted use in the central business district,” Aniol said.
Council member Ray Tell asked if such a business would be limited to tattoos and related accessories or would it be allowed to sell items associated with a “head” shop. Aniol didn’t think so, but promised the subject would be researched thoroughly.

“I have already begun pulling (relevant) information,” Aniol said. “A dispensary is not a legal use, the Michigan Supreme Court has already ruled on that. Dispensaries are not allowed.”

The Michigan House has approved changes to the medical marijuana laws, but those bills have not been taken up by the Senate yet, Aniol said.

Mayor Shawn Keough asked Aniol if the city followed the North American Industrial Classification System strictly or if it was a guide.

Aniol uses the system as a guide and called it a good standard that is well known and recognized. She hastened to add that it doesn’t always translate to land use.

Keough also wanted to know if she thought the Planning Commission would want her using it to arrive at some definitions. Aniol asked how he would prefer her to find answers regarding zoning.

“If it’s not called out, it’s not necessarily allowed,” Keough said. “It wouldn’t be my first instinct.

The list of permitted uses is extensive, and while he did not write any of the lists, to use the NAIC system seems like a stretch for him, Keough said.

Aniol asked if he would respond the same for a nail salon, and Keough said he didn’t know.

“I’m just asking,” Keough said.

The use is questionable and the city has textual authority to cover those instances, Aniol said.

If the city wishes to go that route, she would tell the person of the process involved.

Keough suggested Aniol should ask the Planning Commission for guidance on these matters.

New council member Zach Michels said the typical process would leave interpretations up to the zoning administrator or department head. The NAIC can be refrerenced and the propert multi-digit code located.
If the person didn’t agree with the interpretation, they have the right to take it to the Zoning Board of Appeals. Michels said.

Panel discussion on oil and gas drilling regulations planned

The Dexter Planning Commission will host an educational workshop on the topic of oil and gas exploration at 6 p.m. Dec.7.

The city’s planning consultant Carlisle Wortman will facilitate the meeting at the Dexter Senior Center on Ann Arbor Street. The event will be a panel discussion between the Department of Environmental Quality and West Bay Exploration of Traverse City.

The intent is for attendees to learn about the history of oil and natural gas drilling regulations, current state regulations, the difference between regulations for a township and the city and amendments to the city’s master plan and to the zoning ordinance, Community Development Manager Michelle Aniol said.
The discussion will precede the regular planning commission meeting scheduled to begin at 7 p.m.

Border to Border trail storm drain work nears completion

Crews are getting close to having all the storm work done for the portion of the Border to Border Trail close to the DPW. Crews went all the way back from the storm pond behind the facility and came all the way out to the trail, Supervisor Dan Schlaff said.

“They have stone dow for the trail alongside the DPW,” Schlaff said. “It’s starting to shape up pretty good.”
Work may begin next week for the sewer line for the filter plant for the backwash water for the half inch pump.
At the treatment plant, concrete was poured for the blowers. The aeration tanks are up and running, Schlaff said.
A hill behind the DPW was cut down so crews could have access to the trail from the building. The results are promising, he said.

The Dexter Area Historical Society has a new URL :

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