Washtenaw County Sheriff Blotter 11.3.2015

Dexter Area Washtenaw County Sheriff
Dexter Area Washtenaw County Sheriff

The Dexter branch of the Washtenaw County Sheriff has had a quiet week. Only two crimes were reported lately.

Deputies are investigating a larceny from the Vehicle, on the 30th. Sometime between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. a woman’s car windows were broken into, behind a strip mall, on the 3900 block of Jackson Road. The purse contained a cell phone and a wallet with credit cards and cash. Deputies advised the victim to cancel the cards and are monitoring them for activity. The cell phone, a deputy said, was turned off and can’t be tracked until it’s turned on.

On the 31st, deputies responded to the 3700 block of Bradford Square for an assault. The sheriff’s office said this was between a mother and a daughter, who is a juvenile with what the sheriff’s office called “psychological problems” and they refused to give further information.

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