Excellence for Dexter Community Schools launches fundraising campaign

The Friends of Dexter Community Schools held a meeting at Foggy Bottom this past Thursday.

E4DS (Excellence 4 Dexter Students), a community-led group founded to provide meaningful financial support to the Dexter Community Schools, has launched their initial Giving Campaign. With the help of parents, residents, extended families, and local businesses, E4DS aims to raise $300 per student, the approximate amount the district was forced to cut out of its 2015-2016 budget.

Read about the E4DS group’s plans to raise an additional $300 in funding per student in the Dexter Community School district as a result of its first annual fundraising push.

Funds raised will support core programming for every grade level. This is different from other organizations that focus on providing grants to cover special projects. E4DS allows the community to return school funding decisions to citizens by facilitating direct financial support to DCS students. E4DS formed in the spring of 2015 following the research process of potentially annexing Whitmore Lake Public Schools Whitmore Lake School District. The group achieved 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in September 2015. Although the Dexter school board decided to no longer research annexation, the process raised awareness in the community about statewide problems in district funding. State law prohibits Dexter residents from voting to raise money for the classroom through local taxes, yet state per pupil funding for schools has been in steady decline. E4DS offers the community a way to directly support the children and programs that make Dexter Community Schools strong.

“We are working to take local control to fund what we value,” says E4DS President Jennifer Kangas. “Your donations will preserve and support critical programs for our children.”

Superintendent Chris Timmis adds, “We are so fortunate to have caring parents and community members willing to provide direct financial support to students…E4DS support will allow Dexter Community Schools students to continue thriving.”

More information about E4DS and school funding, including how to donate to the “Excellence Together” campaign, can be found at www.e4ds.org.

This post comes from a Dexter Community Schools press release that was submitted to us earlier today, which is presented in its entirety in the first embedded document below, with the second embedded document being the first E4DS newsletter.

[embeddoc url=”https://welovedexter.com/wp-content/uploads/E4DS-Press-Release-11-2-15.pdf”]

[embeddoc url=”https://welovedexter.com/wp-content/uploads/E4DS-Newsletter.pdf”]

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  • If the district had to cut programs then why did the add Mandarin? The state didn’t cut allowances from districts. Districts either did not qualify for portions of state funding or the incentives to be more efficient with existing monies were no longer being paid…assuming the district was actually following the incentives to lower their costs.

    According to an memo from the CFO to the Board…”The net impact of funding to the District is $11 reduction from 2014-15″ If we only lost $11 per student, then why did the district cut over $300 per student?

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