Reporter’s Notebook: Dexter City Council meeting Oct. 26, 2015

City Treasurer Marie Sherry provided an update on the city’s first quarter of Fiscal Year 2015-16.

Some highlights:

Staff was very busy with the influx of payments of the summer tax. Most of the money collected goes to other agencies, but Sherry praised administrative assistant Brenda Tuscano for creating two new funds to handle the heavy load of deposits. They won’t appear on the budget as they were strictly for processing payments.

When Dexter became a city all of its tax history was lost because the parcel numbers were changed, but after working with BS&A, the company that provides software to the city, all the records were recovered and are available online for all interested parties.

The transition to becoming a city caused mortgage companies to double people’s escrow payments, erroneously combining the 2015 summer, 2014 winter and 2014 township summer and/or the 2014 Village taxes. Sherry said she wrote a couple dozen letters for people and provided an estimated 2015 total for their lenders.

The winter tax bills will be mailed by December 1.

Department of Public Works Supervisor Dan Schlaff reported on several items:

The dead end on Third Street is “looking real nice” after work on storm sewers, concrete and driveway approach has been completed.

Work is ongoing on the aeration tanks at the Waste Water Treatment Plant. The No. 1 unit is completed and work is continuing on No. 3 and should be completed this week. A new, larger unit will be added as well to keep the city compliant with its handling of biosolids.

The flushing of the city’s hydrant is nearly complete.

A fence along the Border to Border trail by the DPW should up by Wednesday.

Crack sealing work on city streets should be completed by Oct. 27. Schlaff credited a new machine with two wands purchased by crews for the speedy resolution. As a result, the amount of asphalt used will come in lower than anticipated.

A large pile of milled asphalt that was piled at the end of Broad and Grand will be sifted by the contractor and be brought back to use on the roads at Forest Lawn Cemetery.

“Millings work really well if you can get good millings,” Schlaff said to Council member Julie Knight who questioned the reasoning for having the road spoils sifted.
Big chunks are good for a base and the DPW has a good supply of those. The sifted millings will be good for a final coat, Schlaff said, The problem is he hasn’t heard back from the contractor about when to expect their return.

Mayor Shawn Keough was curious why the millings were being given away to the cemetery. Schlaff the city does not have the funds or the resources to handle all the material and to apply it the alleyways like he had planned.

So when cemetery representatives came to him, he gave it all to them.

Leaf pickup is going well and will continue as the leaves are really starting to come down, Schlaff said.

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