Scio voters will be asked to vote on 0.36 mill AATA service expansion

Scio Township voters have an election next Tuesday, November 3. They will be voting on a ballot proposal for a transportation millage. It’s the only issue on the ballot.

Township Clerk Nancy Hedberg reminded the board of trustees at its October 27 meeting, “We have an election one week from today.”

The Transportation Millage Proposal is for .36 mills on property in the Township for a period of 10 years. Money raised would be used to expand bus service from the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AAATA) on Jackson Road to the west, past Zeeb Road west to Baker Road.

The millage levy would amount to roughly $36 per year per homeowner for every $100,000 in residential property value.

If passed, the millage would raise close to $400,000 in its first year. It would be implemented in two phases-first expanding service to Zeeb Road in May 2016 and to Baker Road in 2017. Buses would run every half hour during peak hours.

AAATA buses currently stop on Jackson Road just east of Wagner Road. The Western-Washtenaw Area Value Express operates the Community Connector bus that stops at Meijer and connects with the AAATA bus near Wagner Road.

Township officials have come out strongly in favor of this measure, having spent the better part of two meetings in July discussing an expansion of the original AATA proposal that entailed only $224,000 in the first year of the millage. The service extension for that original proposal didn’t extend out to Baker.

In its dealings with other public transit organizations, namely the Washtenaw Area Value Expressive (WAVE), expansion of public transit provision in the form of community connector service has been met with more utilization of those services, while those outside of current and extended service areas have expressed demand for such services in greater numbers.

Partners for Transit organizer Martha B. Valdez said that she was “surprised” during those meetings earlier this year.

Trustees expressed concern over why “service didn’t extend to Scio Farms and Menards,” Valdez said on the Partners for Transit website.

“We were surprised to hear this discussion arise.”

Voting precincts in Scio Township are as follows: Precincts 2 and 3, Scio Township Hall, 827 N. Zeeb Road; Precincts 4 and 8, Scio Community Church, 1293 N. Zeeb Road; Precinct 5, Scio Farms MPH Clubhouse, 6655 Jackson Road; Precinct 6, Scio Fire Hall, 1055 N. Zeeb Road; and Precincts 7 and 9, Washtenaw Intermediate School, 1819 S. Wagner Road.

Precinct 1 is no longer available due to the incorporation of Dexter into a city.

For more Scio Township election day information visit the Scio Township government website.

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