DCS brings Cheryl Wells back as enrichment teacher

When Cheryl Wells announced her retirement earlier this year, thousands of Dexter residents and former students read about it on WeLoveDexter.com.

“I’m always a busy person, therefore I’ll stay a busy person,” Wells promised those paying attention to her retirement plans.

Read about the DCS Board of Education’s decision to approve an easement for a new park on Ann Arbor and Edison Street leased to the city of Dexter for $1.

Wells coming back as an enrichment teacher will involve working with kids in science and math in supplemental curriculum.

The board approved offering a contract to Wells, who in addition to being a former Dexter High School science teacher has lead the Ocean and Science Bowl teams, the National Honors Society, and numerous other clubs and sports activities.

She will now teach part-time at Creekside Intermediate School for the 2015-2016 school year.

“I’m delighted to see Mrs. Wells return,” said Board President Michael Wendorf.

While Wells’ return to working with students will be of great value to the student population, particularly in the areas of math and science, district officials are struggling with finding enough good help in the area of substitute teaching.

Superintendent Chris Timmis discussed with the DCS Board of Education earlier this week a shortage of substitute teachers and substitute paraprofessionals facing not only the Dexter school system but districts across the state of Michigan.

“We averaged 21 substitute teachers in the district per day last year,” said Timmis, who told the board that the Ann Arbor school district may increase the rate it pays substitute teachers from $70 per day to $100, in which case Dexter may raise its daily pay rate to $90.

Substitute coverage is contracted through the Professional Education Services Group.

In other October 26 Board of Education meeting news:

The Dexter school district received good news from audit presenter Kim Lindsay (Lewis & Knopf, CPAs, P.C.) told the board, “Dexter is still financially strong as a district.”

Kim Lindsay, of Lewis & Knopf, CPAs, P.C. presented the annual financial audit to the DCS Board of Education.
Kim Lindsay, of Lewis & Knopf, CPAs, P.C. presented the annual financial audit to the DCS Board of Education.

The board accepted (6-0 Darr absent) the 2014-2015 audit, which can be viewed in the below embedded document.

[embeddoc url=”https://welovedexter.com/wp-content/uploads/Dexter_2014-15_Financial_Audit.compressed.pdf”]

The board also approved (6-0) a resolution to support the Michigan Schools Energy Cooperative. Diane Block, the group’s president, asked the school district to support urging the Michigan Legislature to continue the current opportunity for school districts to purchase electric supply from alternative energy suppliers at significant savings.

In other action, Sandra Darr was chosen as Alternate Director to the Metropolitan Joint Risk Management Trust in a 6-0 vote.

Dexter BOE 10-26-15

Content and Community Manager Sean Dalton contributed to this report.

This story was edited to clarify that Cheryl Wells was brought on as an “enrichment” teacher.

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  • Hi Lisa,

    I just have a small correction. Cheryl Wells was hired as a part-time teacher with board approval based on her stellar resume and her years of service to the district.

    Substitute teachers are contracted through PESG at a daily rate, and they are not required to have a teaching certificate, or submit resumes to the board, or to be personally hired, as Ms. Wells was.

    I can see how the two agenda items got combined, but it’s an important distinction that Ms. Wells is a district hire for Creekside Intermediate School specifically, and not a substitute teacher contracted through PESG.

    But on that note, we are looking for quality substitute teachers, and welcome new PESG hires to join us in classrooms throughout the district!

    Thank you,
    Barbara Read

    • Ms. Read.

      If you want more stellar substitutes, pay them in a stellar way…and the same can be said for the para-professionals. Although the pay rate for subs may go up to $100, DCS is only willing to pay $90. Wow!

      When the Board took on the Jenkins Center, those who were employed directly through Jenkins are now contracted out through PESG as directed by the DCS board. The same PESG that DCS contracts out their substitutes for; as directed by the board.

  • Saline does NOT contract out through PESG. I believe they do have more stringent requirements for a substitute than Dexter. If Dexter wants better substitutes, Dexter can have better substitutes. But since the DCS board has willingly engaged in a contract with PESG and is willing to pay less than the $100 per day, the board has to take responsibility for the outcomes.

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