Dexter Township Fire Substation Hits Delay, DAFD Lease Agreement Up for More Review

The occupancy date for the new fire sub-station being constructed in Dexter Township has slid to December, after township officials were told that it would be “a matter of weeks” by contractors last month.

Fortunately that shift in the timetables works to the township’s favor, as attorneys are still hammering out the details of a lease agreement between the township and the Dexter Area Fire Department, the latter of which would be the tenant of the township-owned building.

“I’m not ready to accept it,” said Township Board Member Carl Lesser, who voted with the rest of his colleagues in postponing action on the lease agreement until their next regular meeting on November 17.

Read the full lease agreement as currently drafted below to see the terms of DAFD’s occupancy in the newly erected township facility.

Supervisor Harley Rider agreed saying that he would feel more comfortable after the Township attorney reviews the lease again.

The DAFD Board will also have a chance at their November 19 meeting to review any changes to the document made by the township’s attorney in the interim between now and the township’s November 17 meeting.

The board unanimously approved Resolution 15-445 approving internal financing of the fire sub-station and approving a repayment deficit recovery plan as well as further directing the Township Clerk to cause the resolution to be filed with the State of Michigan.

The board previously approved resolution 15-441, approving the loan from the General Fund (internal financing) as well as the repayment schedule to finance the anticipated deficit. The deficit is expected to be $872,376.86. The Township has an adequate General Fund Balance ($2,599,035 when audited on March 31, 2015.)
The taxes collected in 2016-2018 tax rolls will be sufficient to restore fund balance to a positive value in fiscal year 2018-2019, as well as repay the General Fund Loan.

According to Rider, there have been a few minor setbacks with regard to the construction of the station. He said that the Washtenaw County Road Commission added a couple of requirements including a 180 foot deceleration lane on the north side of North Territorial Road east of the current entrance, and a full lane, complete with curb, between the current entrance and the fire apparatus exit.

Also, when laying out the property for concrete, it was noticed that the drawings were incorrect for the entrance to the current Multi-Lakes garage, which resulted in moving the entrance drive by more than 5 feet. That means it must go back to the Dexter Township Planning Commission for an amended site plan, which will occur in November and may result in a different cost for that portion of the project.

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