School district and city hash out easement for playground at Ann Arbor and Edison

The Dexter Board of Education will most likely vote at its next meeting on October 26 whether or not to approve a proposed playground easement located at the intersection of Ann Arbor Street and Edison Street, near the Copeland Center. The school district owns the easement and the board will vote on whether or not to turn it over to the City of Dexter.

“Once the playground is there, the option to use the property for some other purpose is gone,” said school board president Michael Wendorf.

“We’re not going to get the land back,” said school board member Barbara Read.

Justin Breyer, assistant to the City Manager of Dexter, was present at the BOE meeting to respond to questions.

“The easement is limited to 75 feet by 50 feet, and we set a limit of $35,000 for the equipment,” Breyer told the board. “The Lions Club will provide funding for equipment.”
Board Vice President Julie Schumaker asked if any handicapped accessible equipment is planned for the playground and recommended that at least one such piece of equipment be provided.

Breyer said that the equipment has not yet been purchased and that he will bring the suggestion up to the Parks and Recreation Commission, which hopes to purchase the equipment before the end of the year in preparation for a spring installation. Benches may also be purchased.

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