SRSLY Safe Homes in Dexter

Did you receive the SRSLY Safe Home brochure in the mail? The SRSLY Safe Homes list currently lives online at, but this year the list will move off the internet and into the neighborhoods of the community too.

A SRSLY Safe Home is a home in which the family has committed to providing a safe and substance-free environment for their children and any other youth who spend time there. Kids and adults can be confident that minors under the age of 21 will not be offered or allowed to use drugs or alcohol while they are in these families’ homes. The Safe Homes List is a record of all the families who have made this commitment.

“A common myth that I’ve heard is that if you’re an adult and you drink alcohol in your home you can’t be on the Safe Home list. That’s totally not true”, says Stephanie Jacques, SRSLY Program Coordinator. “Adults can join the list as long as they don’t allow minors to drink in the home.”

Families who have joined the SRSLY Safe Homes list will now have the chance to post their commitment right in their front yards as SRSLY is distributing Safe Homes yard signs to households who have joined the list. Families can sign up for the Safe Homes list or get their own sign by emailing with “Safe Homes” in the Subject Line.

Next week will kick off SRSLY Week in Dexter. The week will include fun filled lunches at Creekside, Mill Creek, and Dexter High School, youth meetings after school, and Project Sticker Shock. Anyone interested in joining SRSLY can visit our website to find out about upcoming events or email us directly at

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