Council approves new medical building

The vacant corner of Dan Hoey and Lexington will see a new 8,053-square foot medical building after receiving final approval from Dexter City Council Monday night.

The site is set to become home to BLMS, LLC – a dentist practice. The property purchase has not been finalized.

The new medical building will butt up against the Dexter Crossing Subdivision – a fact that raised a few question about the noise of an emergency generator that will be installed at the back of the lot. The generator will be installed along vinyl fencing and surrounded by shrubbery, but Council Member Joe Semifero feared the current measures weren’t enough to block the noise for those living adjacent.

“I don’t think the generator should be between the building and residential,” he said. “I think that’s a recipe for disaster.”

Dexter does not have a decibel limitation in it’s noise ordinance. According to City Development Manager Michelle Aniol, city officials use a best practices approach to noise complaints. The vinyl fencing was chosen instead of stone or brick because of it’s ability to absorb sound better.

“The vinyl fencing is a little softer,” she said. “It will buffer and it won’t echo.”

Semifero proposed an amendment to limit the generator’s decibel level to 60 at the property line, however it wasn’t supported by the rest of council.

Construction on the project is not scheduled yet, but residents should expect to see ground broken by next spring.

In more development news, council also voted to approve the Beer Grotto’s bid for outdoor seating, which was recently cleared by the Planning Commission. Council modified the original plans to limit seating in order to keep the sidewalk clear. You can read more about the craft beer and wine bar’s plan for outdoor seating here.

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