Scio Board Approves Songbird Springs site plan, talks about Sloan Preserve dedication

The Scio Township board approved Songbird Springs site plan #5235, Pratt and West Delhi Roads, in a 5-1 vote (DeLong absent and Read opposing.) Trustee Jack Knowles added the requirement that the road maintenance will be reviewed and approved by the Township board prior to issuing zoning compliance.

The proposal is for a five lot cluster residential development in the A-1 District. The five parcels are each about an acre and will be located along a private road with a cul-de-sac. There will be a sixth parcel at the intersection of Delhi and Pratt and a seventh parcel will encompass the remaining 11.9 acres of property.

The proposed lots will be serviced by private wells and septic fields. Each lot will drain to the road and runoff will be conveyed by way of ditches toward a proposed rain garden.

The board also discussed the upcoming dedication of the Sloan Preserve. That will take place on Friday, October 2 at 5 p.m. and the public is invited to attend.

The Preserve is located just north of Bloom Garden Center on Baker Road, two miles north of I-94. Nature trails are being created in the Preserve, which also includes fishing access points and kayak and canoe launch areas. The Sloan Preserve includes 50 acres of land, many along Mill Creek.

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