WeLoveDexter.com works toward becoming ‘Dexter’s Front Page,’ launches community calendar

For those who haven’t noticed, things have changed a bit around this website the past couple of weeks — we think for the better.

First off, we’ve narrowed our site down to fewer categories. The big umbrella categories are news, sports, business, entertainment and lifestyles. There are some smaller subcategories still on the site, such as schools and churches, as well as categories for the city of Dexter and the townships of Dexter, Webster and Scio.

We believe that this restructuring will make the site easier to navigate and also allow better indexing of stories on the front page, which will translate into the homepage having only the most timely content.

This is also being done in order to make the site more friendly to visitors who are more accustomed to how print newspapers are structured. We hope that traditional media consumers who are used to print will try our online local media platform on a tablet or smartphone, as this site is designed to present the stories, photos and videos published on it equally well on all devices and operating systems including those that you can hold in your hand and read as you would a printed newspaper.

Launching the community calendar

Organizations that participate on WeLoveDexter.com now also have a new, powerful tool at their disposal to inform the public of the events and opportunities that they are offering with our community calendar page.

The WeLoveDexter.com community calendar will, in the coming weeks and months, feature everything going on in the Dexter area all in one indexed online calendar.

What makes our community calendar page more a “tool” than a static calendar is the built in functionality. Each calendar entry is categorically indexed, so the calendar’s “sort by” menu allows users to adjust the calendar so it only shows local sporting events or Dexter school district organizational events such as Board of Education meetings and working sessions, if that’s the user’s desire. There are categories for business events, churches, and general community activities in addition to athletics and Dexter’s public schools.

Each calendar entry features a description of the event, the time it starts, the location address, event organizer identity and contact information, and even a picture of the building where the event is taking place (if available).

There is also integration of Google Maps, a link to the event’s webpage, and even a field where your current location can be typed in so directions from that location to the event location can be generated in a separate web browser displaying Google Maps directions.

Also, the calendar page will eventually allow visitors the ability to sign up for an RSS feed to see newly added and upcoming calendar items on a regular basis to stay completely in the know about what’s happening in the Dexter community. For now there are social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ for social media sharing.

The calendar page is also fully responsive like the rest of our website, meaning it looks and functions just as well on phones, phablets and tablets as it does on desktops and laptops.

The WeLoveDexter.com team is excited about these new changes and would like to hear your reactions and feedback to what we’re doing. Please send these to info@welovedexter.com, and thank you in advance for your time and your support in being a member of our growing audience.

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