Notebook: Scio adopts zoning enforcement measures, approves Zeeb Road Pathway Project

Despite the absences of three board members — DeLong, Hedberg and Palmer — it was business as usual for the remaining members of the Scio Township board August 25.

The board (4-0) approved Ordinance Amendment #3427 to the violations and penalties sections of the Township’s Zoning Ordinance, to permit treatment of zoning violations as municipal civil infractions.

“Tickets will be written for violations and apply to the entire Zoning Ordinance,” said trustee Christine Green.

The zoning official can request the township attorney to take legal action or restrain, correct or abate the violation. Anyone who fails to comply will be guilty of a misdemeanor municipal civil infraction.

If a person receives a stop work order from the zoning official but continues to work, he will be liable to a fine of not less than $100 per day.

The board also approved (4-0) providing additional clarification to the allocation of funds to the Zeeb Road Pathway project.

Last month the board allocated the necessary funds from the Township’s public safety and improvement fund needed for the Zeeb Road Pathway project. The board agreed that the funds received should be credited back to the Township’s public safety and improvement fund until the Township Board directs otherwise.

The board approved (4-0) to authorize a proposed residential lease for the Township’s property at 7970 West Liberty.

Since taking over the property, the Township has made a number of improvements to the farmhouse to make it suitable for residential use as well as securing the premises against trespassers. The Township also began restoring the outbuildings.

The board agreed that it makes sense for someone to live on the premises to maintain the property and make repairs where possible, and that person will be Richard Wild, whose grandparents used to live in the farmhouse of the property. Wild is in the process of moving to the area and building a home. He would like to rent the farmhouse until his new home is completed and would not be a long-term tenant.

Trustee Jack Knowles told the board, “We don’t want him subletting to others.

Green said that he would be in default if he did so.

The board also approved (4-0) final site plan #5224, Greenstone Farm Credit Services at 730 Jackson Road.

The property was recently rezoned from C-3, highway commercial to C-2, general commercial, to accommodate the proposed use as a financial services building.

The building is located at the northwest corner of Jackson and Baker Roads and the board agreed that it appears to meet the criteria for site plan approval.

Green said, “It will be a great improvement for that corner.”

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