City grants local industrial company Variety Die & Stamping tax abatement

Variety Dye representative Jonathan Woods and city of Dexter Community Development Manager Michelle Aniol.

The Dexter city council unanimously approved a 50 percent tax abatement for Variety Die & Stamping, Monday Evening. This involves $703,000 of “real property investments.”

“They have had a very successful rise in business that’s grown here in the community and they continue to grow here today,” Community Development Manager Michelle Aniol said.

Variety Die and Stamping is a precision stamping company located on the south side of town. The 70-employee firm makes dies and stampings for the automotive and gardening industries both abroad and domestically.

“One of the projects we’re going to be shipping out of this new expansion is a product that we’re going to ship to China,” Variety Die & Stamping representative Jonathan Woods said. “This is business that we won from them three years ago and it’s going into production starting next year.”

The 6 year exemption will be used so the company can expand its facility to meet growing demand. This is the fourth time they have expanded their 44,000 square foot factory. It’s already twice as big as it was when they moved in in 1990.

They are proposing to add 7,795 square feet. This new expansion would be used to expand manufacturing, assembly and packaging of their products.

This new expansion could create 8 full time jobs. They have several contracts to major domestic and international products.

“We have a couple new programs coming on leading to muffler assembly for the Stihl Corporation. They make the orange chain saws and string trimmers. We do 70% of their volume worldwide,” Woods said.

The company started in the 1950s, at 3115 Broad Street, Dexter. They moved to their current location, in the Dexter business park, in 1990.

Written public comments were being accepted up until last Tuesday, the 4th. A copy of the “industrial facilities tax exception certificate” is available with the city.

The abetment is for $2,470 in city taxes and $7,348 in other non-tax sources not involved in the project.

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