Peters Building Company to redevelop 222 acres for residential subdivision

Dexter could be seeing more residential homes going up, according to a plan to redevelop 222 acres on the southside of the city.

According to Jim Haeussler of Peters Building Company the company is in the early stages of development for a 360-unit residential subdivision. Haeussler spoke during the public comments portion of Monday’s city council meeting.

“I’m here tonight to tell everyone so there’s no rumors going on,” he said.

Peters Building Company built Dexter Crossing, though this project will be less dense than its predecessor. The proposed subdivision is on what’s known as the Sloan-Kingsley parcels south of Dexter Crossing and the Industrial Park, west of Baker Road.

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The project was initially on the table in 2004, but it was put on hold when the housing market started to falter during the Great Recession. Much has remained the same from the original plan.  While the project is in it’s infancy, it is currently about 100 acres smaller than when it was first conceived in 2004. It will feature mostly single-family homes on about a half acre each.

“We think the market’s changed, the times have changed, what we can get financed has changed, and what is feasible” Haeussler said. “I hope we got a little smarter this time around. We’re fortunate to have survived the last seven or eight years.”

Currently Peters Building Company does not have a timeline for the project, but plans on working with the city and Scio Township soon in order to move forward.


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