Dexter Township ratifies funding option for fire substation

How to fund the fire substation was a topic of discussion at the July 21 meeting of the Dexter Township Board of Trustees. The board unanimously approved resolution 15-441, using internal financing of the fire substation, and approved a repayment schedule, a debt recovery plan, and amended the FIscal Year 2015/2016 General Fund, Fire Services Fund and Police Services Fund budgets.

Supervisor Harley Rider along with Clerk Debra Ceo, Treasurer Libby Brushaber and Township Auditor David Williamson determined that self-funding the station by providing loans and subsidies from other Township funds will save interest costs and not negatively impact the funds from which transfers are made. Township Attorney Peter Flintoft also approved the funding process.

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Rider stated, “The only downside is that Dexter Township will be required to file a debt recovery plan with the State of Michigan to show how the Fire Sub-Station Construction Fund will be funded by loans and subsidies and how it will repay the other Township funds from which the monies are loaned.”

Rider said that up to $1.4 million could potentially be taken from the Township’s General Fund.

Tom Arehart, Township representative for the fire substation, spoke to the board about progress on the Fire Sub-Station and said, “I think we’re looking at the end of October to Mid November for occupancy.”

Rider told the board, “It’s definitely looking like a building now.”

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