City of Dexter Creates Plan to Remove Remaining Signage that Still Says ‘Village’

It’s going on a year now since the village of Dexter became the city of Dexter, and now city officials are beginning to make moves to replace all of the signage throughout town referring to Dexter as a village.

“With the transition to Cityhood, we have signage throughout the City that will need to be altered or replaced to reflect the name change,” City Manager Courtney Nicholls said in a letter to the Dexter City Council outlining the scope of the task.

Staff will put together a signage update plan to quantifying the locate the signs in need of replacing.

There are a number of options that council will eventually vote on at a future meeting.

Those options include ranking signs based on priority and updating them from the signs with the highest priority down to the lowest, modify and re-purposing certain signs determined by village officials, or removing “village from select signs.

Nicholls added that representatives from Faith in Action and the Dexter Area Historical Society have expressed interest in the fate of the village signs.

As of publish, four Dexter village limit signs have been removed from the Championship signs that they accompanied for years. These have already been replaced by similar signage containing “city.”

One of the replaced village limit signs has been turned over to the historical society.

Council will answer if the signs should be modified and how, whether they will be kept and stored or donated to other community organizations, and how much this effort should cost.

Nicholls considered that re-purposing some signs might look “cheap” and not reflect the high quality environment of the Dexter community. She also presented for consideration the possibility that certain opions could damage walls and surfaces to which sins are attached.

Regardless of whether or not they’re refurbished or replaced, council will have to determine the color, font and graphics on all of the signs that are converted over to the new cityhood reality of the community.

The council will discuss this and other points of business during tonight’s Regular City Council meeting.

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Below is the Dexter City Council meeting regular meeting agenda for Monday, July 13, 2015.

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Below is the Dexter City Council meeting regular meeting packet for Monday, July 13, 2015.

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