Be heard on the City of Dexter budget, millage rates on June 8

Each year the City of Dexter holds public hearings on the budget and millage rates, as required by law. These hearings are a chance for residents to voice their thoughts on concerns on these two very important local topics.

The millage rate was increased from 13.5562 to 14.0562 mills during the 2014-15 fiscal year in order to raise an additional 0.5 mills for the road fund. Those funds were intended to pay for $800,000 in work over a three year period.

In the upcoming 2015-16 fiscal year the overall millage rate will remain the same, due to a decrease in the general obligation bond from 0.7375 to 0.6276 mills due to increases in property values in the city.

As a city, Dexter can levy a total of 17.5 mills – 12.5 for the general fund and 5 for roads. The GO bond reduction was used to raise the operating millage in the draft budget to 9.9906 mills from 9.8807 for an static total mill rate between the two fiscal years.

Council will also have a hearing on water, sewer and refuse rates at the same time.

The next fiscal year begins on July 1 and runs through June 30.

This public hearing will happen at the start of the June 8 City Council regular meeting at the Dexter Senior Center at 7:30 p.m.

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