Dexter hosts first election as city, votes no on Proposal 1


Dexter residents voted in their first election as a city Tuesday, resoundingly deciding to decline Proposal 1 along with the rest of Michigan.

Proposal 1, a state-wide ballot initiative, was the only measure on this year’s ballot in Dexter. It was a constitutional amendment that was meant to increase funding for road repairs throughout the state of Michigan by increasing the fuel tax to 41.7 cents or 14.9 percent of a gallon of fuel’s base value, whichever is greater.

It also would have increased the non-fuel sales tax from 6 to 7 percent, an increase that was earmarked for the School Aid Fund. The failed proposal was projected to bring in $200 million in revenue for K-12 schools around the state during the first year.

Several local bodies of government including the Dexter Community Schools Board of Education and Dexter City Council passed resolutions supporting the proposal leading up to the election.

Only about 28 percent of Dexter’s 2,991 registered voters headed to the ballots on Thursday, a turnout that poll worker Sally Kathorek says is typical.

“It’s been a steady turnout,” she said. “Pretty normal for this kind of election.”

Although it was the first election run by the now-City of Dexter Kathorek said the entire day went without a hitch.

“It’s going very smoothly,” she said. “Mostly because we have experience.”

Kathorek has been working the voting polls for more than 10 years and says the process from township to city voting didn’t change much.

“Because it’s Washtenaw County it’s the same routine basically,” she said.

The only confusion came with residents figuring out which precinct they were to vote in. Residents who live north of Dexter-Ann Arbor Road are in precinct 2 and those south are in precinct 1.

64 percent of Dexter’s voters said no to Proposal 1, which is on-par with the rest of Washtenaw County.


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