Dexter Signs Sister School Agreement in China This Morning

Chris Timmis, superintendent of Dexter Community Schools.

During the second day of his trip to China with a delegation of fellow district administrators, Superintendent Chris Timmis officially signed on as a sister school of NE Yucai High School.

NE Yucai has 16,000 students and is the top school of choice for the provinces highest achieving students.

“They have eight campuses — the main campus looks like a university campus and is a private boarding school along with a private international school that works with to serve students from Germany and France whose parents are in China for work,” Timmis explained via WeChat earlier this morning.

Timmis and his delegation met with preschool and high school students accompanied by administrators and faculty.

He added that he was impressed with their facilities.

The administrators from both districts discussed exchange student opportunities that would allow both Dexter and Shenyang province students to visit each other’s respective homelands in order to broaden global understanding and the educational horizons of those participating in a potential future Chinese-Dexter exchange program.

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