DCS Letters to the Community: Chinese Sister School


April 24, 2015

Dear DCS Parents and Staff,

DCS is committed to preparing our students to be successful in a global economy. Many of our families and local businesses work internationally and understand the world is our new classroom. Our students are provided tremendous academic experiences and we are excited to share a new initiative that benefits our students.

Over the next couple of weeks, DCS will be completing an international partnership with several “Sister Schools” in China. This partnership will bring wonderful opportunities to DCS students and staff. During the first week of May, a team from DCS and Saline Area Schools will be traveling to China to visit our new “Sister Schools” and finalize formal partnership agreements. No taxpayer dollars will be used for any expenses of the trip. Our partner organization is funding the travel and associated expenses for representatives from both districts.

This international partnership agreement increases experiences for DCS students from preschool through college/university credit. As early as next fall, the partnership will allow DCS to increase our language offerings to include Mandarin instruction for students as early as preschool. This July, DCS will host a Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics summer camp for 13-15 year old students from both DCS and our Sister Schools in China. In addition, the partnership will expand programming with local colleges and universities to benefit DCS students.

Next fall, some students from our sister schools in China will attend Dexter High School. Our students and staff will have the opportunity to visit the Chinese Sister Schools for short cultural experiences or longer international education experiences. Meanwhile, schools from both countries will be working on creating shared educational courses between DCS and Chinese Sister Schools.

China has the second largest economy in the world. Many of our families and members of our community work with businesses from around the world, including those in China. This partnership allows DCS students and staff opportunities to learn alongside other students and teachers from Chinese Sister Schools. Over time, we anticipate creating similar partnerships with schools in other parts of the world as we increase access for our students and staff with the world as our classroom.

Thank you for your continued support of Dexter Community Schools and Go Dreadnaughts!


Christopher Timmis, Ed.D.


This letter was distributed via email to Dexter Schools families from the Dexter Community School District offices.

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