Update: County to fix pothole-filled stretch of North Territorial Road

Three days after starting a petition to have the Washtenaw County Road Commission fix a stretch of North Territorial Road, residents have good news.

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According to Tracy Rose a two-mile stretch of North Territorial from Webster-Church Road to Donovan Road has become increasingly deteriorated over the last five years.

“For years North Territorial has been a mess with potholes and bumps and coal patch,” she said. “And for the last three-to-five years we’ve expected it to be fixed because it was beyond patching at that point.”

She launched a petition that was housed at CJ’s Party Store, on the corner of North Territorial and Webster-Church roads, and three days later they got the word that N. Territorial will be seeing some much-needed attention.

Roy Townsend, Managing Director and County Highway Engineer at the Washtenaw County Road Commission, confirmed that the two-mile stretch will be resurfaced this year.

“After this summer we’ll have all of North Territorial resurfaced,” he said.

According to Townsend, the work on North Territorial will begin around the end of May, but there is no set start date yet. The work will close the stretch of road from Donovan to Webster-Church roads for seven to 10 days. As that time draws closer, the road commission will send out media advisories, Townsend said.

Additionally, the road commission has launched a plan to keep all of North Territorial road well-maintained into the future by seal coating stretches of the road five miles at a time.

“It won’t get into the condition it is today,” Townsend said.

The road deteriorated to the condition it is in today because of a lack of funding, Townsend said. They’re now able to get the road up to snuff because of Public Act 283, which levied a half mil of taxes county wide for one year. That garnered around $4 million in funds for the road commission to do necessary work throughout the county, including the work slated to be done on North Territorial road.

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