Dexter Community to Experience Hands-On Substance Abuse Education Program

Educators from Saint Joseph Mercy Health System will travel to Creekside Intermediate School on April 30, 2015 to educate parents, grandparents, coaches, teachers and administrators about the various forms of drugs and the peer pressures facing students to use them. The presentation is titled Drugs 101:What Parents Want to Know and is sponsored by SRSLY Dexter.

This two-hour presentation starts at 6:30pm, when participants will enter a mock bedroom of a teenager that has been set up to resemble a teenage drug user’s room. Participants are asked to identify drug and alcohol related paraphernalia that have been placed within the room.

Throughout the presentation, more than 70 trendy drug and alcohol indicators will be unveiled to show how some adolescents hide drug and alcohol use.

Signs, symptoms and current trends of alcohol, prescription drugs, marijuana, inhalants, tobacco and several other substances will be presented. The program will include demonstrations to help adults initiate conversations with adolescents and teens.
The goal of this program is to empower participants with the knowledge they need to spot warning signs of drug abuse in time to intervene and/or prevent it.

Any adult can register for the FREE program by contacting 734-398-7518 or online at

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