Central Street to receive federal road aid funds in 2017

The Red Brick Kitchen & Bar (center), will soon expand into the former Bits & Pizzas storefront (right).

Earlier in the year Dexter crity officials considered placing Central Street above Baker Street on a priority list for 2017 Federal Road Aid Project funding, and after Monday’s council meeting that decision was unanimously cemented by all seven council members.

Central will cost Dexter $635,000 versus a projected $396,000 for Baker after those federal road dollars are taken into account. Despite the additional cost, city officials didn’t seem concerned about the project cost when taking into consideration work already done on Central Street.

“Over the past several years, the reconstruction and streetscape of Central Street has been a priority and a combination of local, state and federal funds have been used to accomplish the goal of improving the corridor from the City limits to Third Street,” City Manager Courtney Nichols said in her letter to council.

She went on to appraise Central as being in worse condition than Baker Road, which was resurfaced in 2009.

“Due to the City’s current focus on local streets, the continuation of the improvement of the Central Street corridor in the near future will require the use of federal funds,” she said.

City officials also approved nearly $400,000 in bid awards for various projects that will be kicking off during this year’s construction season, including the Border to Border Trail, storm-water work on local streets and repair of the Community Park path. Amounts are also being paid to City Engineering firm OHM for construction services and to the Michigan Department of Transportation/Amtrak for railroad permitting and flagging requirements.

Concord Excavating, the company responsible for the first phase of Central Street in 2012, won the B2B Trail project with a $292,000 bid. The same company also won the work at Community Park, as well as the stormwater work on Dover, Edison, and Inverness.

According to Nichols, trail work is expected to coincide with work on the Safe Routes to School project, which could be an opportunity to realize cost savings through overlapping the projects in terms of personnel.

“Every effort will be made to control costs by using City staff when possible and coordinating OHM’s inspection time between the two projects,” Nichols said.

Of the $329,700 trail project’s total cost, $225,000 is being covered by Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation. The city has $85,000 earmarked. If the county provides no additional funding the remainder of the project cost will have to come from the city’s General Fund or the project will have to be extended and budgeted within the 2015-16 fiscal year as well.

(below is the March 9, 2015 meeting agenda embedded)

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(below is the March 9, 2015 meeting packet embedded)

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