Dexter sixth graders win mid-winter FAAST tournament in Plymouth

Are you looking at the next generation of DHS Varsity Girls’ Basketball Champions in these photos?

Assistant Varsity Coach Lauren Thompson says believes so, deep in her heart..

“It’s exciting to see so much talent coming through to the high school level not too long from now,” she said.

This group of 10 Dexter sixth graders won the mid-winter FAAST (Fun American Amateur Sports) Tournament in Plymouth under the leadership of Thompson and fellow coach Max Finkbeiner. The girls played other groups of Michigan girls from communities like Hartland, as well as out-of-state groups from places like Harrisburg and Toledo.

“They play much older than they are,” Thompson said. “They’re a great team that plays great together, communicates and participates in our big sister-little sister involvement with the varsity girls.”

This weekend many varsity level girls basketball stars from the Dexter program will be at the sixth-graders games this weekend showing their support and mentor-ship, which Thompson says is critical in continuing the success of the girls basketball program in Dexter.

“They truly do mirror each other,” she added.



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