Red Brick Restaurant Expansion Expected To Be Operational in May

Construction at the Red Brick Kitchen & Bar continues to hum along at a brisk pace as construction crews from Dexter Builders and Dexter Block push towards completing their work in two to three weeks.

The restaurant’s operations wont be adapted to the new space until early May, according to owner Peter Landrum.

“It’s going to be a lot different than we’re used to,” Landrum said. “With what we have now, I could work behind the bar and basically run the entire restaurant from there, but now we’ll have double the space, an expanded kitchen, and more patio space.”

Dexter Builders Project Manager Vince Peters was enthusiastic earlier this week when talking about the project design’s intention of bringing some of the brick inherent in the Victorian era 1800s building at 8099 Main Street out as a design statement, since red bricks are after all his client’s branding trademark.

“Our goal is to open things up to make a much more comfortable experience,” Peters said. “We’re going to have a really good connection between both spaces with what we’re adding,” including more openings, brick and wood accents, and insulated windows that match up with the windows at the existing Red Brick space.

The main entrance to the combined restaurant will be on the newly rebuilt side where Bits & Pizzas once was, which will lead into the new main dining area. Behind it is the new kitchen with greatly expanded space to allow Landrum’s kitchen staff to move more freely and, he hopes, get more done in a shorter period of time compared to the smaller kitchen that his staff is working with currently.

Landrum says he’s confident that the look and the feel of Red Brick will continue to be prevalent and will not be diluted by the additional space of the expansion or the greater customer capacity.

“We’re very pleased with what Dexter Builders and Dexter Block have done with this space so far,” he said. “Our vision for the Red Brick is to be able to better serve our customers and more of them, and I feel that this space as engineered will allow us to do that.”

Read about the initial construction announcement here.

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