DCS district residents may get a vote on potential Whitmore Lake Public Schools annexation


Dexter parents and others who take an interest in the future of the Dexter Community School district may get an opportunity to vote on whether Whitmore Lake Public Schools are absorbed into Dexter’s public school system  provided Dexter’s school board and administration decide to make that move at all.

According to a report published by MLive earlier this morning, State Rep. Gretchen Driskell indicated that she and her staff are researching state law to determine whether or not a bill could be introduced on the house floor to put the question of such an annexation by DCS to a vote of the public.

“We’re doing research right now to make sure that’s necessary,” Driskell said in the MLive report.

As reported earlier by We Love Dexter.com, DCS is currently exploring, via an ad hoc committee, the possibility of the annexation, but there is no stated intent by the Board of Education to move forward with such an action at this time.

“Currently, there is no formal proposal to annex Whitmore Lake Public Schools,” the district stated in the release. “At this point, the committee is researching the possibility along with exploring other long-term options that may benefit our district and students. This process will take several months extending through the spring, and possibly summer months. The community will continue to be informed throughout the entire research process.”

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