An invitation to the public to participate in next level community journalism

We Love Dexter wants to share more moments like this from Dexter area residents. This video shows WLD Content and Community Manager Sean Dalton’s wife Rebecca and daughter Olivia visiting Santa at the Encore Musical Theatre. It’s Olivia’s first Santa visit. She was born the day before Thanksgiving.

The We Love Dexter team has now reached a point in the development of where we feel it is time to delve into the heart of what it means to provide community journalism.

Covering schools, businesses and the arts definitely falls under the community journalism descriptor, and we will continue to provide a greater quality and quantity of content from these sources going forward as our community support continues to grow.

The people involved in guiding this media outlet in its ongoing development believe that one of the cornerstones of community journalism is telling the stories of a community’s residents: their success, their struggles, and their defining moments.

We have been focused on Dexter’s schools, the arts and local businesses for the past couple of months. While those areas are indeed a big part of community journalism, we feel it’s now time to expand into the crucial heart of what that term means.

Those paying attention to the homepage may have noticed the addition of many new categories and subcategories to the site’s navigation menu. Many of these categories are currently dark as there is presently no existing content that fits such descriptions.

The “Living” and “Announcements” categories are integral parts of our vision for this website, and we hope that Dexter residents will step forward and share of themselves in this initiative.

Community journalism, as it is broken down in these categories, provides individual community members a way to display Dexter’s qualities on a per-person and per-family basis.

We want to hear about celebratory gatherings, engagements and marriages, and the birth of new little Dexterites. We also want to share the stories of community members recently passed. We want to share stories of local heroes, graduating Dexter High School students, and even your pets.

We hope that those who read this article will spread the word throughout the community that We Love Dexter would like to share these stories with everyone in the community. As a community journalist with almost a decade of experience, I’ve always felt gratitude towards those who entrust me with their stories.

Community journalism is a tradition that has been a part of the Dexter community for over 100 years now, going back to the days of Judge Samuel Dexter and his descendents. The stories that are shared by those who practice it have glued this community together since the 19th century and will continue to do so until the dawn of the 22nd.

Hopefully sharing this special moment of mine, which happened in Dexter, will inspire others to join me and the rest of the We Love Dexter team in this ambitious endeavor.

Thank you for your time and attention.

–Sean Dalton

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