Mayor Shawn Keough Draws Dexter After Dark Raffle Winners


It may be a drizzly day here in Dexter, but at least four people are celebrating after their names were drawn as prize winners this morning in the Dexter After Dark raffle.

Shawn Keough, the mayor of Dexter, sifted through a wicker basket Dec. 16 that was overflowing with raffle tickets.

“Nobody ever draws from the top,” Keough joked, as he selected the winners at random from the pile.

The raffle entries were collected from each business that participated in the first annual Dexter After Dark last Friday. The event drew crowds into participating local stores to witness Dexter’s small town magic while shopping in the moonlight.

Raffle prizes included a $150 gift certificate to any business that participated in Dexter After Dark, two tickets to The Encore Theatre, two free dinners at Red Brick Kitchen & Bar and a free haircut at Whit’s End Hair Studio.

The raffle winners are Anne Huhman, Kevin King, Jenny Weber and Alison Wilson.

Keough told We Love Dexter staff that it’s nice people were able to have a little fun at Dexter After Dark, all while supporting local businesses in the process. He also thanked everyone who came out to attend.

“I think Dexter After Dark is fantastic for Dexter,” Keough said after the drawing. “I think it’s great to invite the community to come out and spend time in town, whether it’s shopping, eating, visiting with friends or just enjoying the holiday decorations and lights.”

The raffle drawing was held at Boxwood Cottage and Home, a quaint store filled with knick-knacks and home decorations, located at 3216 Alpine St. in downtown Dexter.

Gail Hauman, the co-founder of Boxwood, helped organize this year’s Dexter After Dark debut. Hauman told We Love Dexter staff on Dec. 16 that she felt Dexter After Dark was a huge success and enjoyable for both local business owners and customers. Her tiny store was packed to the gills with shoppers during the event.

“There were a lot of people walking around and having a great time,” Hauman said. “It was a lot of fun.”

Hauman said she was glad the event was so popular.

“We just want to say thank you to everyone who came to Dexter After Dark to support the local merchants and for shopping local,” Hauman said. “I know that we all work really, really hard to give Dexter a downtown area. We hope that we can continue to thrive and have more shops and restaurants in town and just maintain the amazing charm that Dexter has.”

Hauman said more Dexter After Dark evenings will likely be planned in the future.


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