Dexter’s Mill Creek Middle School Hosts VEX Robotics Tournament

Vex robotsThe Dexter Community School district recently hosted the first ever Dexter VEX IQ Robotics Tournament.

On December 6th, Mill Creek Middle School welcomed 13 teams from 3 separate schools, for a total of 20 competing alliances.  Participating schools included Cranbrook Schools, Hero’s Alliance (sponsored by the US Army) from Detroit, and COVE Home School in Redford along with 7 teams from Dexter Mill Creek Middle School.

IMG_7314VEX Robotics is a program for elementary and middle school students.

In Dexter, the VEX Robotics program is sponsored by Community Education and staffed by parent volunteers. Students design, build and program robots to achieve a task that scores points. At competitions, two teams work together to score as many points as possible. Teams are randomly paired with a different team for every match.  The finals are determined by the top 10 teams competing in pair alliance. There is also a STEM project competition, an autonomous skills (programming) competition, a driver skills competition, and an award for overall excellence.  The top award is the Excellence Award, which is given to the team which has the highest scores in all phases of the competition.  For the first time ever in only their second year as a club, a Dexter team won that award this competition:  Team E, whose members were Isaac Ridley, Renny Glenn, Richard Darr, and Maggie Jones. Congratulations, young Dreadbots!

This tournament’s VEX IQ Challenge results:

  • Excellence Award:  10220E  Mill Creek Middle School
  • Teamwork Champion Award: 35E  Cranbrook Schools and   4540Z Heroes’ Alliance
  • Programming Skills Champion Award: 10220F  Mill Creek Middle School
  • Robot Skills Champion Award (VIQC): 35Z  Cranbrook Schools
  • Design Award: 35J Cranbrook Schools
  • Amaze Award: 10108B  The C.O.V.E. Homeschooling Co-op
  • Build Award: 4540Z   Heroes’ Alliance
  • Create Award:  35H  Cranbrook Schools
  • Energy Award: 35X   Cranbrook Schools
  • Inspire Award: 10220C  Mill Creek Middle School
  • Judges Award: 10108A The C.O.V.E. Homeschooling Co-op
  • STEM Research Project Award: 35Z   Cranbrook Schools
  • Sportsmanship Award: 10220E  Mill Creek Middle School

More fun photos below!


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