See Dexter Boxwood Cottage and Home with your own eyes

This is a professional video that we produced with The Digital Agent, a local video marketing solutions producer that we’re proud to count as a part of the We Love Dexter team.

This shoot was a lot of fun. It was done earlier in the year while we were still developing the backbone of our media platform. The ladies who own and operate Boxwood Cottage and Home in Dexter — Gail Hauman and Mandy Pomo — are a couple of outstandingly fun and good spirited gals with a very neat business housed (literally) in a quaint downtown cottage on Alpine Street just a stone’s throw across the street from the Dexter Farmer’s Market space.

We hope you enjoy this video, and keep an eye on We Love Dexter as we continue to develop our site into a fully featured media outlet, where high quality videos will be a regular offering to those who visit the site daily.

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